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Pressure Vessels

At Cyclotherm SA, we’ve been manufacturing pressure vessels for over 50 years. Our impressive knowledge and experience guarantees that your requirements are met from concept to finished product.

At Cyclotherm SA we believe that the difference between knowing and guessing is experience. We know this because we are the most experienced pressure vessel manufacturer on the African continent. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of pressure vessels as well as pressure vessel design. From the initial concept to the final product, our service is a complete and comprehensive one.

From mining to general industry and agriculture, we’re proud of every pressure vessel we build. Pressure vessels are designed and manufactured according to your specific needs, and promise to provide the shape, size and performance required on time and within budget.

As Cyclotherm grows, we’ve improved our manufacturing methods and sharpened our exceptional quality control. We’ve expanded our technology and of course every year we gain a little more invaluable experience – the one skill that can’t be bought. We’re always excited about challenges, and no task is too difficult for our talented team. From the 19 meter long autoclave for the asbestos industry to the 500 litre bone cooker – our team will find an innovative way to deal with your request. While we’re known for our on-time delivery and skilled task force, we never compromise on quality. Our workmanship and finishes are superb, and our products are always manufactured according to strict BSS or international codes. They’re routinely subjected to pressure vessel inspection and no product goes on to manufacturing without thorough design approval.