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Water Storage Vessels

Often, our clients require cost effective water storage. Cyclotherm SA’s water storage vessels are made from strong carbon steel, with each product earning a compliance certificate.

Water heater storage tanks are ideal for use with gas fired copper heat exchanger equipment. They can also be used with other hot water systems for storage of any potable water at temperatures of 180ºF or lower.

  • All our water storage vessels are designed in accordance with the ASME VIII Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
  • Our vessels are available in vertical or horizontal configurations
  • Cyclotherm vessels are manufactured from fully welded carbon steel for strength and quality. Stainless steel is also available on request
  • Water storage vessels are uncoated. If you do require a coating, we offer an Aluminium flame spray. This is sealed with Sigmarite sealer, Glasflake VEF, Phenoline 1205 or Sigma Phenguard
  • All connections on our vessels are flanged
  • Our vessels are expertly insulated with 50mm thermaflex lagging. This is sealed with a vapour barrier and 0.6mm thick galvanized sheet metal cladding. Aluminium or stainless steel cladding is also available on request.
  • All colder water storage vessels are fitted with an over pressure safety valve.
  • The standard working pressure of our vessels is 400 Kpa. We can provide higher pressures on request.
  • All vessels are supplied with a data book consisting of the following:
  • Third party pressure test certificate and certificate of compliance
  • An ISO quality control plan
  • Third party verified drawing and design calculations