Electrical Hot Water Heater

Where storage is already available, our Cyclotherm electrical in-line hot water heaters are a popular option. They also make an impact in areas where there is limited space for large storage vessels.

Electrical Hot Water Heater

Cyclotherm Boilers electrical in-line hot water heaters are used to heat and supply hot water efficiently. They’re an effective solution when there is limited space for larger storage vessels, as well as when storage is already available. All our in-line hot water heaters are made from the highest quality carbon steel for a long-lasting and cost effective heating option. As safety is always top of mind, our team fits every vessel with a safety valve as standard.

  • All Cyclotherm Boilers vessels are designed in accordance with the ASME VIII Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
  • Our vessels are available in horizontal configuration for floor or wall mounting. We can also provide vertical vessels on request
  • Our vessels are manufactured from fully welded carbon steel of the highest quality. Our team is able to substitute this for stainless steel on request
  • Mild steel vessels are coated with Aluminium flame spray. Each vessel is sealed with Sigmarite sealer as standard or with Glasflake VEF. We do offer other coatings, which include Phenoline 1205 or Sigma Phenguard
  • Connections up to 50mm will be a heavy-duty machined nipple, while larger connections will be flanged
  • Hard water elements are fitted as standard. Element loading is designed for a recovery as required by application
  • All Cyclotherm vessels are insulated with 50mm thick IW24 fiberglass lagging and 0.6mm thick galvanized sheet metal cladding. We do have alternative lagging and cladding available on request
  • Because safety is a key component of our business, all vessels manufactured are fitted with an over temperature and pressure 25mm safety valve
  • All vessels are fitted with dual control and an overriding thermostat
  • The standard working pressure of our vessels is 400 Kpa. Higher pressures are available and can be requested
  • Every vessel features a control panel. These are produced by an approved manufacturer to SANS10142-1 / SANS1473-1 and SANS60439-1 for vessel or wall mounting
  • Vessel mounted control panels are pre wired in our factory. Wall mounted panels have to be wired by the clients qualified electrician on site
  • All control panels are fitted with the following features:
  • A door interlock isolator
  • A single phase circuit breaker per element leg
  • A 6 amp single phase control circuit breaker
  • LED pilot lights
  • A suitably sized IP65 electric orange enclosure
  • At Cyclotherm Boilers, we understand the need for high quality electrical accessories. We stock ammeters, voltmeters, time and bypass switches. We can also provide stepped control and low water protection on request.
  • Every vessel that leaves our factory is supplied with a data book consisting of the following:
    • A third party pressure test certificate and certificate of compliance
    • An ISO quality control plan
    • Third party verified drawing and design calculations

Why Do I Need Cyclotherm's Solutions?


patented technology

We manufacture a comprehensive range of Heated Boiler solutions with our patented heating solution.


quality manufacturing

Our quality of material and manufacturing processes ensure you get the end product you expect.


breakdown service

We know and understand our clients needs to be kept up and running and the cost of having their system down, which is why we have emergency services available.


Proudly South African

We are a home grown South African company founded in 1970.


Affordable solutions

When it comes to longevity, our product outlasts anticipated life spans and stands up extremely well against the test of time. Many of our systems are still running 40+ years later.



We have dedicated teams qualified in ensuring you are kept up and running.

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