Mobile Steam
Generator / Boiler

Moving a boiler plant can be costly, requiring extra time, money and manpower. Our unique mobile boiler plants are built into a portable container that can be moved from one site to another easily.

Mobile Steam
Generator / Boiler

Cyclotherm steam generator / boiler promise a minimum guaranteed 80% efficiency. This means minimal fuel usage, better efficiency and less pollution. Our Cyclonic Combustion System limits stack emissions and ensures perfect flame control for the length and the diameter of the furnace. 65% of the heat transfer in the furnace is boosted by an additional 15% being produced in the single pass of the return tubes.

    Containerised units

    A Cyclotherm containerised unit can really simplify the relocation of your steam generator / boiler plant. Our trained team is skilled in building complete containerised units. The idea originated when we were approached by a mining company who requested an inclusive packaged unit. Each unit is designed as a fully operational mobile  steam generator / boiler house with a built-in fuel and water tank. The unit leaves your factory as a portable container and once it reaches it’s destination it is simply and easily connected to the fuel, water and electricity supply. The result is a fully operational unit that saves you time, money and effort. This method is becoming increasingly popular and we’ve found it to be especially useful for concrete curing. Opting for a containerised unit also eliminates the risk of damage to components of the boiler during the move.


    Whether your needs include a small steam generator / boiler or a large one, Cyclotherm Boilers can build a unique containerised unit tailored to your needs. We’ve built units for the smaller CE500, which delivers 235kg of steam per hour as well as the largest model the CE2800 which delivers 1250kg steam per hour. With a few adjustments, we ensure a steam generator / boiler and container combo that suits your business perfectly. For higher capacity steam production, we use a container measuring 12 meters with two steam generators / boilers fitted back to back.


    Relocating a steam generator / boiler plant comes with hurdles that can be simplified with the use of a containerised unit. In the past, a steam generator / boiler plant would have to be dismantled, moved and then reassembled at its new location. The problem here is that the required expertise may not be available at the other end, which adds to your cost exponentially. With a single Cyclotherm containerised unit, you simply pick the unit up and set it down again once it’s been moved. You’ll save manpower and money for a streamlined process. A containerised unit also ensures that your steam generator / boiler plant and all its components arrive in the same sterling condition they left in.


    There are many innovative ways that companies and businesses take advantage of our Cyclotherm Boilers mobile steam generators / boilers. In Africa, industrial steam generators / boilers often need to be moved in the ever-growing essential oils industry. Mobile steam generator / boiler houses decrease the time needed for concrete curing from 2 or 3 weeks to just 1 or 2 days. Whenever a steam generator / boiler needs to be moved from one site to the next, a mobile steam generator / boiler house is a cost and time effective option that positively affects your bottom line.


    At Cyclotherm Boilers, we understand the need for low cost steam generator / boiler relocation. This is why we’ve ensured that the process of using our mobile steam generator / boiler houses is efficient, streamlined and easy. There is no need to build a steam generator / boiler house and no special technicians are needed for steam generator / boiler installation. If you’re as space savvy as one of our clever clients, you’ll know that our containers can even be stacked on top of each other, making the most of your available area.


    Cyclotherm steam generators / boilers are exceptionally versatile. They operate efficiently on town gas, sewage gas, Sasol gas, LP gas or producer gas. They also use heavy furnace or coal tar fuels, Sasol waxy oils, diesel, illuminating paraffin or any of the light distillate fuels. If you want to combine the use of gaseous fuel with liquid fuel, our expert team will fit a combination fuel system tailored to your needs.


    At Cyclotherm, we don’t just believe in high quality products, we’re proud of our superior after-sales service too. We’re natural problem solvers and we’re skilled in installations, repairs and surveys. We’ll ensure that your steam generator / boiler works efficiently on its own, but also that it’s a working part of the plant reticulation system as a whole. Our team also knows that a well maintained steam generator / boiler is a more fuel efficient one that saves our clients money in the long term. This is why our service contract option is increasingly popular. We’ll service your steam generator / boiler regularly, ensuring that it’s functioning at an optimum level. We often find that clients who opt for our service contract spend less on the statutory inspection as their steam generators / boilers are in tip-top condition.

    Why Do I Need Cyclotherm's Solutions?


    patented technology

    We manufacture a comprehensive range of Heated Boiler solutions with our patented heating solution.


    quality manufacturing

    Our quality of material and manufacturing processes ensure you get the end product you expect.


    breakdown service

    We know and understand our clients needs to be kept up and running and the cost of having their system down, which is why we have emergency services available.


    Proudly South African

    We are a home grown South African company founded in 1970.


    Affordable solutions

    When it comes to longevity, our product outlasts anticipated life spans and stands up extremely well against the test of time. Many of our systems are still running 40+ years later.



    We have dedicated teams qualified in ensuring you are kept up and running.

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