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At Cyclotherm, we don’t just value efficiency, we value the environment, too. Our industrial boilers are designed with a Cyclonic Combustion System that saves fuel, reduces pollution and increases productivity.

Generator / Boiler Design

Cyclotherm steam generator / boiler promise a minimum guaranteed 80% efficiency. This means minimal fuel usage, better efficiency and less pollution. Our Cyclonic Combustion System limits stack emissions and ensures perfect flame control for the length and the diameter of the furnace. 65% of the heat transfer in the furnace is boosted by an additional 15% being produced in the single pass of the return tubes.

    Cyclotherm industrial  steam generators / boilers have a number of benefits that will increase performance in your business, while ensuring that costs are kept as low as possible. They’re made from strong fabricated steel and feature a foolproof fuel system and firing controls. This ensures maximum steam generator / boiler efficiency.

    Our industrial steam generators / boilers are quick and easy to install, with minimal interruption to your business. They don’t require any expensive stacks or special foundations, and Cyclotherm are proud of our transparency when it comes to cost. We understand that every business has a budget and our  steam generators / boilerss are designed and built to maximise performance and minimise operational cost. Our  steam generators / boilers offer exceptional quality that lasts, which makes it all the more important to ensure that your day-to-day operational costs are kept as low as possible.

    The design of our industrial steam generators / boilers is elegant, efficient and intelligently integrated. They’re kinder to the environment, offering a reduced footprint and a quick start-up of 15 – 25 minutes from a cold start. Our steam generators / boilers burn cleaner than most of our competitors and operate efficiently on the following fuels and gases:

    • Town gas, sewage gas, Sasol gas, LP gas, producer gas
    • Heavy furnace or coal tar fuels
    • Sasol waxy oils, diesel, illuminating paraffin
    • Any of the light distillate fuels

    If you wish to use gaseous fuels in combination with liquid fuels, our skilled team can recommend and fit a combined fuel system to accommodate this.

    When it comes to industrial steam generators / boilers, we know that quality is key. Without exception, each and every one of our steam generators / boilers is made to the highest international standards. To guarantee this, we put them through stringent quality assurance steam generator / boiler testing. Each individual boiler is hydraulically tested before it leaves the factory. Welds are x-rayed and the vessel is stress relieved. Using specialist instruments, our team sets combustion carefully to ensure that fuel and heat transfer are at their optimum. Once the steam generator / boilers boasts the Cyclotherm Boilers quality that we’re famous for, a completely independent inspection authority will issue a test certificate. This is our promise to you that we’ve upheld international standards at every step.

    Cyclotherm Boilers boasts 18 exceptional models of oil, gas and dual fired Cyclotherm steam generators / boilers. They range from 235 kg to 11735 kg of steam per hour.

    Why Do I Need Cyclotherm's Solutions?


    patented technology

    We manufacture a comprehensive range of Heated Boiler solutions with our patented heating solution.


    quality manufacturing

    Our quality of material and manufacturing processes ensure you get the end product you expect.


    breakdown service

    We know and understand our clients needs to be kept up and running and the cost of having their system down, which is why we have emergency services available.


    Proudly South African

    We are a home grown South African company founded in 1970.


    Affordable solutions

    When it comes to longevity, our product outlasts anticipated life spans and stands up extremely well against the test of time. Many of our systems are still running 40+ years later.



    We have dedicated teams qualified in ensuring you are kept up and running.

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